Thursday, 18 June 2009

2-Man Molten Core - 3/10


Another boss down. This time it was the molten rock elemental, Garr. Using an exploit made for a slow but easy kill.

The Strategy:

  1. For starters, a lot of trash needs to be cleared in preparation for this fight and the spell 'Fel Domination' needs to be OFF cooldown (check my character's armory for talent spec). The map below shows which trash needs to be cleared. Anything along the yellow line will obstruct this encounter and will need to be killed.
  2. After the trash is cleared, the next step in preparation is to drop a 'Demonic Circle' and the right end of the yellow line, just in front of the lava. Next you will need to summon your Imp pet and run to the end of the tunnel just before Garr. Once there, send your imp in to attack Garr and as soon as he engages LEG IT!
  3. Use you 'Demonic Circle: Teleport' to get yourself back to your tanking point. As soon as you re-appear quickly pop 'Fel Domination' and summon your Felguard. This next bit needs to be done with SPLIT SECOND timing. When Garr is close, quickly set your Felgaurd to attack him and then jump into the lava. If done correctly Garr will be attacking your Felguard and the adds he has will be hovering by the side of the lava targeting you, but evading. That rules them out of the encounter.
  4. From here, all is a simple tank and spank being careful to not overaggro your pet or else Garr will evade and thus restarting the event. Keep yourself alive by draining Garr and keeping corruption and curse of agony up to dps, heal yourself and heal your pet. Keep your pet alive and he will drop in no time.
  5. Matoran in this encounter acted as a threat reducer to lower my threat (so i could nuke and kil him faster) and to throw heals will i focused on dps.


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