Tuesday, 16 June 2009

2-Man Molten Core - 1/10


First boss of this massive instance dead within an hour of starting, although only with one member inside. (Matoran still doing his attunement...). A solo effort brought down the first boss quite easily, albeit a few aggro issues and getting killed by the doggys on the first pull.

The Strategy:

  1. Firstly, choose you Felguard as your pet for maximum dps and better aggro handling and get ready for the initial pull. It is crucial that this pull is done right.
  2. Wait for Lucifron to walk along his patrol path until he is closest to the entrance that you came in at and wait for him and his adds to turn around. When they have their backs to you, send you pet in to agrro them, set it to passive and run back to the end of the cave. If the pull was right then no Core Hounds will have aggroed.
  3. Simple Aggro control is needed here. Put curse of agony on each of the three so as to not make life so hard with healing your pet. When enough aggro is established start to single target on of the two adds and drain them down whilst keeping your pet up with health funnel. One thing to remember is the curse Lucifron does which increases the cost of spells. Because of this you may need to pack a mana potion, health potion, health stone or bandages.
  4. When both adds are dead it is simple 'tank and spank' keeping your pet alive with health funnel and draining the boss for health. Bandages are very useful here.

Loot :


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