Saturday, 18 April 2009

WoW Calendar

Yes, some of you may have heard about it before but at the moment i am currently compiling a World of Warcraft calendar that runs on your PC. The insperadó came when i saw my brother's 'rip-page' calendar and thought, 'I could get better pictures,' and i did; For about three months worth of pictures...

That's where I need your help!
I need you to send me pictures of ANYTHING in the world of Warcraft game. One idea would be to send me a picture of your in-game character, character name and an idea for flavor text to follow. It's that simple. Let's see what we have so far...

So there is a snap of the code and there is a HELL of a lot.

And there is a sneak peak of the GUI in the builder. As you can see, it contains the picture, a name and some flavour text.

And alas, the program running in its current alpha form, displaying what it would on my brother's birthday.

So come on people, help me make this work :)

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