Thursday, 18 June 2009

2-Man Molten Core - 4/10


Another one bites the dust making out total four out of ten!

The Strategy:

The things needed to take into consideration in this fight are the spells that this boss uses. Even though he is a level 60 raid boss, your character will very rarely resist any of his spells. There are two ways of dealing with this fight and i will explain each tactic. The spells used by the Baron are as follows...

-- Ignite Mana --
This spell burns mana and health at the same time. Whatever mana you lose from the effect, the same amount of damage will be done to your health.

-- Inferno -- This should be no issue to you at all. You tanking demon will have avoidance, reducing what little damage this spell do by 80%.

-- Living Bomb -- The bastard spell of this guys arsenal. Will explode after a certain amount of time and throw you into the air and thus taking falling damage.

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