Tuesday, 16 June 2009

2-Man Molten Core - 2/10


That's right, moments later the big doggy was tank and well and truly spanked quickly throwing us to two out of ten bosses dead!

The Strategy:

  1. The room, as you know, is filled with doggies, lots of them. There are two ways of doing this. If you want to be cautious then you can have your paladin friend round a group of hounds up while you pop every cooldown you have a AoE them all. Alternatively, you can use an invisibility potion and hug the right hand wall on the way to Magmadar and climb up onto the small ledge that is on the right hand side in the back corner. This will be you tanking position.
  2. Both me and Matoran stood at the top of the slope and sent the Felguard (Flathuun) towards the boss. As soon as we engaged, i pulled Flathuun back to the tanking position.
  3. From here is is more or less tank and spank with the exception of a fear every so often. One word of adive would be to bring your insignia of the alliance/horde with you and ONLY use it if you are att risk of being feared into a group of Core Hounds (if you cleared the room, you wont have this problem).
  4. Fire resistance aura was a must here with aggro shifting between the three of us quite regularly. If aggro is held well by the pet then all you need to concentrate on is keeping him alive and not running into the doggies!



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